In addition to our wide range of alcoholic drinks, you can find a good selection of soft drinks at Magic Drinks. And don’t forget: if you’re holding a party, it’s always important to have a few bottles of soft drinks for your guests who are driving home.

Price List

All prices exclude VAT
Cans Quantity Price
7up 330mlx24 £6.99
7up Free 330mlx24 £5.99
Coca Cola Gb 330mlx24 £9.99
Coca Cola Irish 330mlx24 £9.49
Coca Cola Import 330mlx24 £8.49
Coke Zero 330mlx24 £7.99
Cherry Coke 330mlx24 £9.99
Diet Coke 330mlx24 £8.49
Ginger Beer 330mlx24 £7.99
Dr.Pepper 330mlx24 £8.29
Fanta All Flavours 330mlx24 £7.99
Irn Bru Pm 330mlx24 £6.99
Lilt 330mlx24 £8.49
Orangina Orange 330mlx24 £8.99
Pepsi 330mlx24 £7.49
Pepsi Diet 330mlx24 £5.99
Pepsi Max 330mlx24 £5.99
Rio Tropical 330mlx24 £8.99
R Whites Lemonade 330mlx24 £6.99
Sprite 330mlx24 £8.29
Tango 330mlx24 £5.99
Vimto 330mlx24 £6.99
San Pellegrino 330mlx24 £9.99
Glass Bottles Quantity Price
Coca Cola 330mlx24 £12.99
Diet Coke 330mlx24 £11.99
Fanta 330mlx24 £11.99
Sprite 330mlx24 £11.99
Pet Quantity Price
7up 500mlx24 £11.99
7up Free 500mlx24 £9.99
Coca Cola 500mlx12 £6.99
Coke Zero 500mlx12 £7.89
Cherry Coke 500mlx12 £8.99
Diet Coke 500mlx24 £13.99
Capri Sun Quantity Price
Sports 33cl £7.99
20cl X 40cl £7.49
Fruit Shoot All Flavours Quantity Price
30cl x12 £4.99
J20 All Flavours Quantity Price
275ml x24 £10.99
KA All Flavours Quantity Price
288ml p/m x27 £6.59
330ml x24 £6.79
Energy Drinks Quantity Price
Boost P/M 250ml £5.69
Boost 250ml £5.99
Redbull P/M £16.99
Redbull P/M £18.15
Juices All Flavours Quantity Price
12x1Litre £8.99
Lucozade Quantity Price
All Flavours 380ml x24 £9.99
Sport 500ml x12 £9.99
Ribena Quantity Price
All Flavours 288ml x24 £6.99
All Flavours 500ml x12 £7.99

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