Rich Red Wines

We’re really proud of our selection of over 400 red wines from all the major and some of the ‘yet to be discovered’ producers around the globe. We have something for everyone, from good everyday bottles to little-known grape varieties and great reds, suiting every taste and budget!

Our staff have tasted nearly every one of these wines and truly believe that each one delivers for the price. We taste thousands of wines each year, but only the very best make it onto our list.

We have a terrific range of Red Wines available at fantastic prices.

Price List

Red Wine Price
House Red £4.99
Chateauneuf De Pape £14.99 French
El Emperado Cabernet £6.99 Chilean
Louis Eschenauer Merlot £5.99 French
Makedonikos £5.99 Greek
Malbec £7.99 Argentina
Montepulciano £6.99 Italian
Othello £5.49 Cyprus
Othello Cellar Vintage £9.99 Cyprus
Pinot Noir £8.99 French
Post Tree Shiraz £6.99 South African
Reserve St Jacques Merlot £5.99 French
Ribshack Smooth £6.99 South African
St. Emilion £9.99 French

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