You can’t beat champagne when it’s time to celebrate!

By European Union decree, this sparkling white elixir can only be sold under the name of champagne if it was produced in the region of France of the same name. Only three grape varieties are grown in Champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Champagnes made exclusively from Chardonnay are called “Blanc de Blancs”, while those made exclusively from Pinots are called “Blanc de Noirs”. Of course, Magic Drinks.

ensures that all these are available at surprisingly reasonable prices so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of luxury. We even stock some bottles that are exclusive to us.

But it’s not just the French that celebrate in style: Cava is the Spanish equivalent. Grown largely in the north-eastern region of Catalonia, Cava is sometimes more refreshing and a little fizzier than its Gallic counterpart. We’ll be happy to serve you a glass so you can taste the difference for yourself.


Dom Perignon 75cl

£169.99 ex VAT

House Champagne

£18.99 ex VAT

HOXXOH Champagne 75cl

£149.00 ex VAT

HOXXOH Champagne Gold – 75cl

£129.00 ex VAT

HOXXOH Champagne GRAND CRU – 75cl

£129.00 ex VAT

HOXXOH Champagne Ruby – 75cl

£149.00 ex VAT

Laurent Perrier Rose 75cl

£49.99 ex VAT

Louis Roederer Cristal 75cl

£199.99 ex VAT

Moet Chandon 75cl

£27.99 ex VAT

Perrier Jout 75cl

£27.99 ex VAT

Tattinger 75cl

£28.99 ex VAT

Veuve Clicquot 75cl

£39.99 ex VAT


Cope Hill Prosecco Brut

£7.99 ex VAT

Cope Hill Prosecco Rose

£7.99 ex VAT

Gemma Di Luna Prosecco

£7.99 ex VAT

Pink Prosecco 75cl

£8.99 ex VAT

Prosecco 75cl

£6.99 ex VAT

Skinny Witch Brut Prosecco 2019 vintage (Glera 100%)

£11.99 ex VAT

Skinny Witch Rose Prosecco 2020 vintage (Glera 85% & Pinot Nero 15%)

£11.99 ex VAT

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