Did you know that our bodies are made up of 60% water?

In order for our bodies to work and function properly, we need to keep hydrated. Being hydrated is essential to our metal and physical wellbeing.

Magic Drinks by Bardome Drinks Company are pleased to offer very competitive prices with delivery straight to your door!

Price List

All prices exclude VAT
Water Plastic Quantity Price
Evian 33clx24 £6.99
Evian 50clx24 £6.99
Evian 1.5l X6 £3.99
Evian 1.5l X12 £7.49
Fiji 500MLx24 Still £13.99
Fiji 1Lx12 Still £12.99
Highland Spring 1.5Lx12 Still £5.99
Highland Spring 500MLx24 Still £5.99
Honest 500MLx24 Still £2.99
Volvic 500×24 Still £4.99
Volvic 500×24 Flavours £7.99
Water Glass Quantity Price
Aqua Panna 750ml x12 Still £10.99
Aqua Panna 250ml x24 Still £11.99
Evian 750ml Still x12 £8.99
Evian 330ml Still x24 £8.99
Hildon 330ml x24 Still/Spark £8.99
Hildon 750ml x12 Still/Spark £7.99
Kingsdown 330ml x24 Still/Spark £6.99
Kingsdown 750ml x12 Still/Spark £5.99
Perrier 330ml Sparkling x24 £9.99
Perrier 750ml Sparkling x12 £7.99
San Pelligrino 250ml x24 Spark £12.99
San Pelligrino 750ml x12 Spark £11.99
Voss 375ml x24 Still/Spark £15.99
Voss 800ml x12 Still/Spark £14.99

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