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Price List

All prices exclude VAT
Liquors Size Price
Aperol 70cl £11.99
Bailys 70cl £11.99
Campari 70cl £11.99
Chambord 70cl £19.99
Cointreau 70cl £17.99
Disarano 70cl £14.99
Grand Marnier 70cl £19.99
House Tequila 70cl £12.99
Jagermeister 70cl £15.99
Kahlua 70cl £12.99
Lemoncello 70cl £13.99
Ouzo 70cl £14.99
Pimms 70cl £11.99
Sambuca 70cl £15.99
Tequila Jose Gold 70cl £15.99
Tequila Jose Silver 70cl £15.99
Tequila La Chica 70cl £13.99
Tequila Patron Silver 70cl £42.99
Tequila Patron xo café 70cl £29.99
Tia Maria 70cl £12.99

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