Crisp White Wines

Light summer white, a sharp Riesling, a Muscadet, or something in between? We’ve carefully put together a varied list that caters for all tastes and budgets, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Why not try some of our stunning Italian whites or something from the New World? We particularly like the latest varieties to come out of Chile.

We have a terrific range of White Wines available at fantastic prices.

Price List

White Wine Price
House White £4.99
Pinot Grigio £5.99 Italian
Reserve St Jacques £5.99 French
Louis Eschenaur Sauvignon Blanc £5.99 French
Aphrodite £5.99 Cyprus
Thisbee £6.59 Cyprus
Makedonikos £5.99 Greek
Post Tree Chenin Blanc £5.99 South African
El Emperado Chardonnay £6.99 Chilean
Three Stones Sauvignon Blanc £7.99 New Zealand
Gavi De Gavi £10.99 Italian
Chablis £14.99 French
Sancerre £12.99 French

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